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We offer a variety of finishes including:

     1.  Paint - we can match ANY paint manufacturers published colors.

     2.  Stain - We stock Ash, Alder, Birch, Cherry, Hickory, Maple, Poplar, Red Oak, Sapele, Walnut,
          White Oak, all of which can be stained any color or just clear coated.

     3.  Antiquing or glazing - Typically done over panted surfaces to show aging

     4.  Gilding - Gold containing paints or gold foil application, typically used to highlight moldings            etc. 

     5.  Cerus or Liming - A process on stained wood to highlight the grain.  Typically done on Oaks.            Cerus or liming can be used on natural or stained wood.  We also do what we call negative                cerus where a dark stain us used to highlight the grain.  


Cerus on dark stain, Light Stain, and negative cerus on natural wood.

<--- Red Oak      White Oak--->

Natural walnut with clear coat (left) and with English Chestnut stain and clear coat (right)  Note how the stain flattens the natural color differences.  


Painted cabinet door with Glazing or antiquing.  

Multi Step Staining

20200514_121655 (2).jpg

Multi step staining is a unique staining process where wood dyes are used on the raw wood and are then covered with stains.  This process gives amazing colors and a depth and warmth that can not be acheived on a finish any other way.  Here are examples of this process on hard Maple which is not easy to stain in a rich color. 

20200205_102911 (1).jpg
20200205_102917 (1).jpg
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