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Common Cabinet Options

Tilt out trays allow the space behind a false panel to be utilized, typically in a sink base.  These are useful for storing rings, sponges, etc.   

Lazy Susans allow for easy access to items in corner cabinets.  We offer Pie-cut, D shape and round lazy susans.     

Utensil Trays - allow for drawer organization and are great for utensils, cutlery, and cutlery.  Cutlery trays are available as single units or as stacked units.      

Spice Racks and Tray Storage Dividers - Spice racks can be door mounted or can be installed as pullout units in any cabinet.  Tray dividers are used for vertical tray storage so you can get to your baking sheets easily.  

Rollout Trays - are a great option to improve accessibility and organization.  They are ideal for pantries (Shown) and also in standard base cabinets.  The tray can be pulled forward so accessing the items in the cabinet is quick and easy.

Magik Corners -The magik corner tray is used in a blind corner cabinet.  It allows access to storage space that is not easily accessed.  The trays pull out of the cabinet for easy access.  

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