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Heirloom/Family Crosses and Verses


Natural White Oak 


Walnut and Hard Maple



We are pleased to offer custom crafted, 100% hardwood, family and heirloom crosses.  Crosses can be made  from any wood species you desire, or a mix. 


The Family Cross features your family's surname or a word or phrase that has meaning to you and your family.  Symbols can also be added to the cross if you like.   These crosses are made with care and are built to last for generations.  


Our standard cross is a "Latin" cross.  The most commonly recognized Christian cross and the cross style of the crucifix.  It is 12" wide x 18" tall and is 3/4" thick.    Crosses can be natural wood or stained and are clear coated with lacquer.   

Crosses can be made in any size desired.  Please email us with your requests for pricing.  We need:


     1.  the size you want (Height),

     2.  wood species

     3.  what you want on the cross (Surname, etc.)

     4.  and any symbols.   


Click here to email us.  


A variety of cross styles are available to choose from as well as fonts.  See Below for options.   


We also custom cut quotes and scriptures.  You can send us what you want made into a sign, the wood species, and the font and we can make it for you :)    



Cross styles

Latin Cross - The Latin cross is by far the most famous one, which is also known as the crucifix. It symbolized the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and symbolized the belief of Christian religions across the world. In particular, it showcases the passion of Christ and his death on the Cross. The defining feature of this Cross is its more extended arm at the bottom.

Greek Cross - The Greek cross is similar to the Latin cross in the sense that Christianity used it, but mostly during its early years. The Cross is different from the Latin cross, however, as instead of having a long arm at the bottom, all of its four arms are of equal length.

Orthodox Cross - The Orthodox cross is the Orthodox variant of the Latin cross. The Cross itself symbolizes the crucifixion the same way that the Latin cross does, but it contains a few more details. For example, the slanted line at the bottom represents the thieves that were crucified beside Jesus during his crucifixion.

The Russian Cross - The Russian Cross is another term for the Orthodox Cross, which contains the added horizontal line above and the slanted line below its center.

Patriarchs Cross - The Patriarchal cross is simply a Latin cross with an additional smaller cross-beam above the horizontal cross-beam. It is a symbol used for the patriarchs in Christianity and is also featured in the heraldic arms of Archbishops.  There are several theories regarding what the two cross-beams on the symbol represent. According to some sources, the additional beam is for the inscription “Jesus of Nazareth, the King of Jews” or its abbreviation in Latin, “INRI” while some sources suggest that one of the cross-beams represents the death of Jesus while the other represents his resurrection.  Today, among other instances, the Patriarchal cross is featured on several flags including the coat of arms of Hungary and the coat of arms of Slovakia.

St. Peters Cross - The Upside Down Cross is a unique cross that also has heavy ties to Christianity. The Cross symbolizes the martyrdom of Peter the Apostle, one of Jesus’ twelve disciples. Peter wished to be crucified upside-down, as he found himself unworthy of being crucified in the same manner as Jesus. The Upside Down Cross is just that – a Latin Cross turned upside-down.

Celtic Cross - The Celtic cross is similar to a Latin cross but with a circle surrounding the center of the four arms. It has the same Christian meaning as the Latin cross, with the only real difference being that it was most commonly found in Ireland, Great Britain, and France during the 9th to 12th centuries.


Select from one of the font choices below.  


















Lex and Deca


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